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How to Win Back Your Long-Lost Subscribers

Tips To Bring Back Lost Startup Customers

Gaining online subscribers is not the real challenge, retaining them is. Unfortunately, not many people realise that. Once they have that vast pool of followers, they stop making further efforts expecting the fanbase to stick on its own. It doesn't!

The good part is if you've done it once, you can surely do it again. In this article, we have jotted down a few tips and tricks you can use to win your subscriber base back.

Work on Relevancy

It is one of the most common reasons why email subscribers tend to unsubscribe from your newsletter or blog. What happens is in the beginning, you are producing top-quality content which leads the users to the subscription. However, after a while, you run out of ideas and begin to churn out content not relevant to your audience. Don't make this mistake! The key to it is to create content in advance and cater to your niche.

This will give you enough time to work on new ideas since you already have other content in line. Research shows every dollar spent on an email returns $44.00 The point is not to hesitate even you have to invest more to create relevant content. Your goal should be to engage, and re-engage your subscriber base.

Offer Them a Reason

There is nothing customers fall more for than discounts and free giveaways! If you feel your subscribers' list is shortening, it means they have lost a reason to continue following you. So, offer them that reason to re-engage. You can provide your subscribers a discount or a free coupon if they come back. This will give you another shot at enticing them to re-subscribe. The best way is to lure them with something and make a simple call to action. For instance, ‘if you subscribe right now, you will get a 50% discount.'

Target Reasons for Leaving

If a user unsubscribed, he or she must have a reason to do that. What you need to do is find out the reason subscriber base left. Once you know why they went, address that problem, fix it, and then reach out to them once again. Once you have that problems eradicated, there is a good chance your subscribers will come back to you. Studies have shown that regained subscribers bring more value to the business as compared to those who never left. You now have more reason to lure those subscribers to come back.

Let them know!

Subscribers often opt out because you are not offering them something of value. One of the best things you can do here is to list down reasons why a user should re-subscribe to you. If you already have that list, make some amendments and update it so those that are already gone have a new reason to come back.

Define how re-subscribing would benefit them

You need to make an appeal that benefits the subscriber. Once an ex-subscriber knows you have something new in store for them, they are likely to come back.

And as we mentioned, subscribers who come back tend to bring more long-term benefit to a business than those who didn't leave in the first place.

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Harry Trott is an IT consultant from Perth, WA. He is currently working on a long term project in Bangalore, India. Harry has over 7 years of work experience on cloud and networking based projects. He is also working on a SaaS based startup which is currently in stealth mode.